Internet Cyber Cafe East Jakarta, Indonesia

Internet Cyber Cafe East Jakarta, Indonesia Internet Cyber Cafe or Internet Cafe Also Know As Games Center or Warnet Jakarta Timur Indonesia by Raftel Cyber Cafe Jakarta. (Warung Internet Jakarta) Address Jalan Betung Raya No 4, Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur 13430. (Near SMP Negeri 51 Jakarta)

Jakarta March 27 , 2018, the capital city of Indonesia, is a famous tourist destination. The city can be easily accessible by all means of transport. Jakarta is known for its amusements parks, historical monuments, shopping markets and Internet cafes. There are several Internet cafes available all across the city. Prices vary from cafe to cafe depending on the services that they provide. You can access Internet for free or pay for it, depending on the type of café you visit. They charge you either in Indonesian Rupiah or U.S. dollars. Given below are details on some of the Jakarta Internet cafe.

Warnet Jakarta – Internet cafes started as coffee shops where you could check email. But over the years, people turned them into dens for sharing pirated music, hotspots for video game addiction, and even temporary housing.

How Internet Cafes Were Born in Internet Cyber Cafe East Jakarta, Indonesia

Internet Cafe Jakarta – An Internet cafe, also known as a Cyber Cafe, is a place which provides Internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the café in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate.

Cyber Cafe Jakarta – Privately owned Internet cafés increasingly represent opportunities for ordinary people in economically poor areas to access the Internet. In such venues, computers are made available at various costs and connection speeds, enabling regular or occasional customers to search for, and process, information and to make electronic connections with others via e-mail and chatting. Internet café employees normally provide valuable guidance in computer use and information access to inexperienced users. The fact that it is mainly operational costs that have to be paid for by Internet users represents a huge advantage in an economically poor context. Fixed costs from the purchase of equipment and leased lines are left to the business owners and only charged to the users according to the time spent on-line.

In Indonesia, two thirds of Internet users gain access through Internet cafés (Kristiansen et al., 2003), and policy documents from Tanzania indicate that Internet cafés are the main means of Internet access in Tanzania as well (Tanzania Ministry of Communications and Transport, 2003). Also in other developing countries, like India, cybercafés play an important role as public Internet access points. Almost 70% of Indian Internet users frequent cybercafés and these are the main access point for almost half of the users (Haseloff, 2005:9).

Other sources of Internet access are Telecenters and Internet Access Points. The differences between Telecentres and Internet cafés are mainly related to ownership, financing, and the variety of services. Telecentres operate mostly as ‘not-for-profit organisations’, relying on various sources of external funding. Internet cafés normally represent profit opportunities for the owners and are based on service fees above costs (Salvador et al., 2005). Internet cafés also normally offer additional bar or dining services, or ordinary convenience store businesses, but their main offer is concentrated around Internet use. Information Access Points are represented by an increasing number of terminals for short-term rent in shopping malls, airports and other public sites, especially in developed areas of the world.

Guidelines For Internet Cyber Cafe East Jakarta, Indonesia Visitor

  • Never pass or tell the Cyber Cafe Owner or anyone else in Cyber Café about your email username and password to check your e-mail. This may sound little bit odd but the surveys saying that small kids or many old aged persons have no idea about the risks of information theft. Username and passwords always be entered by their owners and at most you may request for guidance to reach login page.
  • If you store or download any personal information on Desktop in cyber cafe make sure you delete all the documents after you are done with your work.
  • When surfing the Internet, you always should check about the browser security to avoid risks of exposing personal information such as disabling the option “Remember my ID on this computer”. User ID or Username also should be secured along with password to avoid trail passwords by next user.
  • A keylogger is basically spyware and logs or records your keystrokes so that your username and password are made available to Cyber cafe owner or any Attacker. Some of Cyber Cafes may use Hardware key loggers so that you check that there is an intermediate device between your keyboard and CPU.
  • Whenever you go to Cyber Cafe, make sure that it has up to date Anti Virus and Anti spam software. These may help to stop some of the key loggers, Trojans and other malware. .
  • Do not surf the web through already opened web browsers, open a new web browser to surf the web.
  • Don’t leave the computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen.
  • Disable the feature that stores passwords.
  • Don’t enter sensitive information into a public computer.
  • Force Cyber Cafe Owner to allocate you a computer loaded with updated antivirus software.
  • Finally, always make sure to logout properly when you leave Cyber cafe.

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