Raftel Cybernet Open Second Branch at Bekasi

1 Agustus 2017 – Jakarta, Indonesia – Raftel Cybernet Open Second Branch at Bekasi, Raftel Cybernet has partnered with Raftel Cafe to open a cybercafe called “Alabasta Cybercafe by Raftel Cybernethttp://www.raftelcyber.net/ . The cafe is attempting to stretch the limits of public Internet access by providing individualized accounts, multiple operating systems, wireless ethernet for laptops, and a suite of HTML and desktop publishing applications at every machine. Positioned as a “remote workplace”, Alabasta Cybercafe replicates an office environment for local residents who wish to telecommute.

Raftel Cybernet Open Second Branch at Bekasi

Warnet di Bekasi – To fulfill its goal of having a public store front, Raftel Cybernet Internet has entered into an agreement with Raftel Cafe, to install networked computer systems in the already busy coffeshop. “The almost 4,000 square feet at Jalan Lotus timur, Ruko RSOD 53-55 Belakang Kolam Renang Tirta Mas GALAXY Bekasi has become a bakery/restaurant, a fun furniture store, a casual clothing boutique and now an Internet Access lounge, working synergistically to create a fun, interesting and novel place for people to meet their friends and get some work done too.” said Reni Nurhayati, owner of Raftel Cafe.

Every computer includes three suites of applications:
1. DESKTOP PUBLISHING: Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Illustrator, and Pagemaker
2. HTML DEVELOPMENT: BBEdit, Cyberstudio, Fetch, Fireworks, Flash, Image Ready, and Page Mill
3. INTERNET COMMUNICATION: Eudora, ICQ, Instant Messenger, AOL, Telnet and Timbuktu
4. GAME CENTER: Point Blank, DotA, MOBA. etc

Game Center Bekasi – The cafe gives local residents a workplace alternative; a way to avoid the commute and still have the applications, connectivity, and reliability which was previously only available in their offices. Each Alabasta Cybercafe user gets a private directory where files are backed up at night. Individual user preferences are saved for the next time they visit. Customers with ongoing accounts have ftp access to their directories allowing them to upload their work before they come in or to download thier files after they have left. Graphic design customers bring their files on Zip disks which are then loaded into their own private directory for them to access.

Warnet Indonesia – Laptop owners connect directly into the ethernet to get Internet and laserwriter access. Wireless “bridges” can be rented from Alabasta Cybercafe allowing customers to print or connect to the net from the patio or anywhere in the cafe.

Raftel Cybernet works closely with it’s exclusive customer base which includes Raftel Entertainment, The Jakarta Museum, CISCO Systems, hundreds of independent businesses and local computer special interest groups. In it’s one years of providing Internet services the company has achieved a reputation for high-reliability and virtually 0% customer turn-over.

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